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How to become a reseller

We are glad to bring in re-sellers to get our brand and products exposed and displayed over their local or virtual stores. To be a qualified Eviva re-seller you need to have an actual showroom or an online store. To start selling with us you need to fill few documents that one of our Eviva gurus will help you and will get you to understand a few policies to make it easier for your operations, order management and financial reports. If you do not have any of the mentioned qualifications and you would like to buy our products you can contact us and we will connect you with the closest store in your area. Please visit the link below to view “become a reseller” page:

What is the advantage of being a reseller of Eviva?

Eviva is promised with its outstanding customer experience and service for its re-sellers and dealers, one of the biggest advantages that Eviva focuses on is its profit margins that it provides to the re-sellers & dealers, we also provide a drop-ship service that will enable re-sellers to minimize their operations & inventory costs while maintaining their profit margins.

What are the terms of joining your reseller program?

To be able to be one of Eviva re-sellers, you have to own a showroom, or an online store, otherwise we are liable to connect with other showrooms or dealers that are near you.

Do you regularly offer promotions for resellers?

There is a lot of display promotions that is offered for local re-sellers that owns a local showroom and would like to display some of our products in their showroom or store, display re-sellers also get the biggest discount on future orders.

Can I buy small order?

If you are a builder or contractor please visit our “Where To Buy” page to locate your nearest showroom that sells or displays Eviva products, use the link below:

Do you have any local stores?

Eviva does not sell directly through its local retail stores to maintain its wholesale brand, Eviva’s vision is grow through re-sellers and dealers that are displaying Eviva products in their showroom or online store.