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Eviva Oahu 55 Inch Wall Mount Oak Vanity with Solid Surface Integrated Sink SKU: EVVN126-55OAK-W

About The Product

"Experience an intriguing fusion of style
and superior craftsmanship with the Eviva Oahu Vanity. This remarkable piece is designed to bring a touch of modern elegance and simplicity to your bathroom
all while maintaining a warm
organic appeal. At the heart of the Oahu Vanity lies its unique face
painstakingly crafted from 100% solid oak wood. This showcases a singular
expansive drawer that effortlessly balances the rich
natural warmth of the wood with a contemporary design. The drawer features a robust push-to-open and soft-close mechanism manufactured by Grass
renowned for their precision engineering and durability
ensuring effortless operation and longevity. The Oahu Vanity is distinctively characterized by its unique 3D design. This striking design aspect underscores the superior craftsmanship involved in its creation
while the use of 100% solid wood enhances the overall aesthetic
boasting natural grain patterns and the inherent charm of oak wood. Crowning the vanity is a solid surface countertop that seamlessly integrates with the sink. The sleek
clean lines of the countertop provide a stunning contrast to the organic nature of the wooden base
adding an extra layer of sophistication to this unique piece. Designed for use with a wall-mounted faucet
the Oahu Vanity exudes a modern and sleek appeal. This approach not only adds to the vanity's aesthetic allure but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance
ensuring the piece retains its elegance throughout its lifespan. The Eviva Oahu Vanity is more than a bathroom fixture; it's a testament to the beauty of natural materials and innovative design. Its unique blend of warmth
and modernity promises to transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary of contemporary elegance and unrivaled comfort. With the Oahu Vanity
you're not just investing in a piece of furniture—you're investing in a work of art."


1. Easy installation and minimum assembly required 2. Solid Wood Construction 3. Exposed back panel for easy plumbing 4. High quality solid surface countertop 5. Wall mount faucet is sold separately 6. Easy to clean 7. Integrated single sink is included 8. Convenient space for your everyday needs


Weight 210 lbs

Dimensions H 20" x L 19" x W 55"

Color Natural Oak

Size 55.0

Material Solid Wood Construction

UPC 810069246468