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Eviva Scale One Piece Toilet in White SKU: EVTL153

About The Product

Elevate your bathroom experience with the revolutionary scale toilet. This state-of-the-art toilet boasts an optimized 3" outlet siphon jet
ensuring a powerful and efficient flush every time
backed by an impressive 1000g disposal rating that minimizes the need for repeated flushes. Nestled atop the unit
a sleek polished chrome knob push button enhances the toilet's aesthetic while offering an effortless flush mechanism. Crafted from the finest vitreous china
the Scale epitomizes durability and longevity. The low water absorption rate of under 0.5% guarantees its pristine appearance for years
making staining concerns and cleaning troubles a thing of the past. Its advanced seat design is a game-changer; the soft-close feature ensures a gentle and quiet closure
while the quick-release function facilitates easy removal for cleaning or replacement. Furthermore
the elongated bowl design guarantees maximum comfort
offering an optimal seating position for every user. When you choose the scale 1.28 Gpf toilet
you're not just selecting a toilet
but making a statement of refined taste and forward-thinking innovation in your bathroom.


1.Contemporary style: Enhance your bathroom with a sleek and modern design. 2.One-piece construction: Enjoy the convenience of a seamless and easy-to-clean toilet. 3.White finish: Provides a clean and classic look that complements any bathroom decor. 4.Made from high-quality ceramic: Ensures durability and longevity. 5.Plastic seat material: Offers comfort and easy maintenance. 6.Easy to clean: Simplifies maintenance and keeps the toilet looking fresh with minimal effort. 7.Efficient flushing system: Incorporates a powerful and effective flushing mechanism 8.Low water consumption: Reduces water usage without compromising on flushing performance
saving both water and money in the long run. 9.Quiet-Close seat included for noise reduction


Weight 97.5

Dimensions 14.57 W Inch 28 D inch 30.80 H inch

Color white

Size 9

Material Ceramic

UPC 810069247199