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Eviva Zion One Piece Toilet in White SKU: EVTL0311

About The Product

EVIVA elongated one-piece toilet is a water-saving version of the industry-leading bathroom toilets. The streamlined design of this toilet brings a supreme stylish style to the bath. Also
the gently curved shape of the toilet complements all bathroom suites and decoration styles. The ceramic construction material with its sleek white exterior is durably constructed to be resistant to stains and abrasions for easy maintenance.


1.One-piece construction: Enjoy the convenience of a seamless and easy-to-clean toilet. 2.Contemporary style: Enhance your bathroom with a sleek and modern design. 3.Available in white color to blend with any bathroom decor 4.Elongated toilet seat included for comfort and support 5.Bowl design reduces water flow resistance and turbulence
resulting in a quieter flush. 6.A quick-release seat can be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning 7.Tornado Flush utilizes 360-degree cleaning power to reach every part of the bowl 8.All-In-One package: Package Includes toilet
pre-installed soft closing toilet seat
pre-installed flush valve
high-quality wax ring
floor bolts 9.100% Factory flush tested


Weight 97.5 lb.

Dimensions 16.34 W INCH 29.2 D INCH 29.9 H INCH

Color white

Size 9

Material Ceramic

UPC 810069247212