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Totti 16 Gallon (60L) Sensor Trash Can with Active Odor Filter SKU: TC001-60LS

About The Product

Totti's new touchless trash can is equipped with various features that will guarantee the perfect addition to any space. Highend motion sensors
built-in air refresher
stainless steel material
and soft closing features are all included. High quality motion sensors are built in to prevent touching harmful
dirty surfaces on trashcans. This helps you use the trash can hands-free for when your hands are full. The manual opion is lso included in case of battary power storage or whenever needed.


1. Trash Bag Fastener 2. Active Odor Filter 3
Matte Silver Finish 4. Dual Lid and Fingerproof Finish


Weight 10 Lbs

Dimensions H 30.5" x L 12.5" W 10.5"

Color Matt Silver

Size 10.5

Material stainless steel