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Totti 1.3 Gallon Stainless Steel Matte Finish Round Trash Can w/ Soft Closing Lid SKU: TC001-5LMT

About The Product

The Totti 1.3 gallon stainless steel matte finish trash can has a convenient step-on pedal for hands-free operation so that disposing of trash is hygenic and efficient. It comes equipped with a liner for easy trash bag removal and installation.


1. Easy Step-On Pedal Operation For Convenient
Touchless Operation 2. Plastic Bucket Included 3. Soft-Close Lid 4. 90 Degree Opening Angle 5. Durable Stainless steel Exterior


Weight 2.1 Lbs

Dimensions H 10" x L 5.8" x W 8.1"

Color Modern/Contemporary

Size 10.4

Material Steel+PP

UPC 739992392380