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Eviva Storm Elongated Cotton White High Efficiency Toilet w/ Soft Closing Seat SKU: EVTL914

About The Product

Eviva Storm Elongated Cotton White One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat Cover is a very unique high efficiency product along with a CUPC certificate that is eligible with the united states plumbing standards. This piece has a very nice soft closing seat cover and a double cyclone system to keep the inside of the toilet always clean and clear.


1. High efficiency dual flush 0.8 / 1.28 GPF
saving more water than normal toilet.Compatible with all carrier brands. 2. Wall hung design- saves space in residential or commercial bathrooms 3. Stylish Curved U Shape Bowl – White Gloss Glazed Finish – Made From Quality Hand Casted Ceramic Material 4. Easy to Clean Design: High-profile
concealed design makes cleaning easier and creates a sleek and smooth look. 5. Slim soft close seat made from durable plastic which helps against the build up of bacteria. Top fixing and quick release features make it easy to remove
clean and re-install. 6. Quite & Powerful flush 7. Adjustable height allowing the bowl to be set anywhere from 15-3/8 inches to 28-1/2 inches from floor


Weight 56 lbs

Dimensions L 22" x W 14" x H 14.5"

Color Cotton White

Size 14.0

Material Porcelain

UPC 739992388086