EVIVA LLC. at KBIS Orlando 2017, The Leading Kitchen And Bath Industry Show. The #1 Networking Conference for Kitchen and Bathroom Designers.

KBIS, in conjunction with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends, and technologies. KBIS is the voice of the kitchen and bath industry and has been for 50 years.

Can’t wait to get back there to contribute and meeting new peers at the Design & Construction Week 2018 in Orlando Jan 9-11.

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There are thousands of Bathroom Vanity Designs today; single, double, large, small, and wooden and list never ends. If you have a clear idea of what your bathrooms looks like, then it is very easy for you to find a perfect bathroom vanity in New Jersey. Now the first question that comes in your mind deciding about a vanity unit is accessing your needs. Always think about that how many people will share his or her bathroom, the size and theme of the area. These factors play an important role in fulfilling all your particular needs.

The size of the bathroom matters a lot as cleaning and other tasks should be carried easily. If you choose a vanity that has doors, make sure it has enough room for the doors to open fully, otherwise it can cause scratches. The layout, style, color, design and finishes, all points should be under consideration. The appealing facts about these bathroom vanities make them a part of every modern now days. These units are efficient provide storage space, clean and elegant.

Home owners can decide an exceptional design by careful planning. From layout to style, many types are available for your convenience. You can choose double sinks if you have space. The sink can be placed in the center or to right or left according to space available.

Once you have decided how many sinks you want, the next step is to choose the design. Would you like an antique design? Or you prefer traditional cabinets? A floating or a pedestal sink? What color you want? Do you want doors, drawers or shelves? The answer to these entire questions will give you a clear idea about what type of vanity unit you are choosing for you place.

Fortunately, bathroom manufacturing companies have introduced highly quality and durable pieces for your dream home; choose the one that is budget – friendly and long lasting.

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Bathroom Vanities with Cabinets are one of the most useful accessories in any bathroom due to its benefits and functions. These Vanities with cabinets are the focal point of any bathroom that enhances the style of your place. Interior designs know the value of these cabinets and that’s why they guide the house owners that it is a style of today’s modern world, the past trends are changing and this is the latest and luxurious way to décor the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Due to the importance of these cabinets, manufacturers are introducing new designs, sizes, and colors of Bathroom Vanities with Cabinets. Some of the interesting and amazing facts to install vanities with cabinets are:

  • This is an ideal way to store and manage your daily products in such clean and clutter free way with the help of these cabinets.
  • Any house owners always want to remodel the bathroom in luxurious and stylish manners and these attractive and decorative Bathroom vanities with cabinets can highlight the overall boring and traditional look of your bathroom.
  • You can find a wide range of colors and designs available in market in really durable and long lasting materials.
  • These attractive cabinets can hide the overall dirty image of your bathroom by properly storing the extra accessories and change your bathroom into a spacious area.
  • It is always easy to replace these vanities with cabinets with the passage of time and give it a relaxing place again.
  • These cabinet style vanities look classy, although its shape takes some extra space in your bathroom but it is always good to have built – in drawers and storage place.

Say thanks to the interior designers and manufacturers that you have thousand of color and designs options available, so that you can select a perfectly match item for you.

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